Below are a sneak peek into the amazing client results and wins we've created inside the 1:1 and Group Programs. It's pretty cool how much we can create, even on top of a career and making time for your personal life.



The core skills we worked on were developing the client's unique thought leadership to stand out in their space, building a uniquely differentiated brand, and ultimately signing 1:1 clients for their business (even on "part-time" hours)

Crystal (Side Hustler)

Created her first 5k month as a nutrition coach in the first month of working together

Mabel (Side Hustler)

Created her first 6-figure month (HKD) as a Chinese calligrapher

Betty (Side Hustler)

Made back 2x her investment of our program as a coach for creatives

Kelly (Side Hustler)

Created her first 6k month as a career coach

Esther (Full Time Entrepreneur)

Made back 2x her investment of our program as a business coach

Brittany (Side Hustler)

Created 8k throughout the duration of our program as a web designer

Adrian (Side Hustler)

Made back the full investment of our program as a career coach

Alyssa (Side Hustler)

Signed her first 9 clients in 3 months as a coach for wildlife photographers

Ayesha (Full Time Entrepreneur)

Created 6k in sales in one day as an imposter syndrome coach

Kristina (Side Hustler)

Signed her first high ticket clients ever as an English pronunciation coach

Clara (Side Hustler)

Recently left her career as a lawyer to become a digital nomad (Fitness coach)

Kim (Side Hustler)

Signed her first 3 high ticket clients ever as a financial coach

More fun behind the scenes 👀

And whenever you're ready, come join the fun inside our coaching programs! ✨✨✨



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Note: The numbers are just the surface-level results

Even though our clients have been able to create fantastic monetary results in their business through out coaching and using our process... That's just the surface of it. For many, their transformations after the program go much deeper than what you might see on their social media.

Here are some other incredible results that many of our clients have created:

Less Time Spent on the Business

Whether our clients are side hustlers or full-time in their business, our approach helps them cut down the time they spend each week on their business. Rather than "needing to do more to 10x our results", we focus on keeping it simple and effective.

More Time Spent for Personal Life

For 99.99% of our clients, they have other priorities outside of their business (or career). This includes family, relationships, social life, health, travel, rest, etc. Because we spend less time on the business, we are able to have more time for life

Calm, Confidence, & Sense of Identity

Feeling calmer, more confident, and more sure of their own voice or sense of self are the most common feedback I hear from clients. This is all I want for our clients - To be happy entrepreneurs who genuinely like themselves, their life, and their business.

Cheryl Theory
Cheryl Theory

"Working with Cheryl has been incredible. I’ve gotten results from Day 0. From signing my first coaching client to having fun in my business, I couldn’t have imagined that this was possible. I’m seeing my business and myself in a whole new light!

Cheryl’s strategies and theories are super simple and frankly underrated! They’re actually really impactful and align with my own values - which I really love!"

- Esther (Business Coach)

"Cheryl embodies that and has helped me with the groundwork and the foundation to do the same. She doesn’t hold back and has really helped me hone my critical thinking, develop a growth mindset, refine my self-coaching, recognize my marketing and content creation skills, build a habit of making offers, and grow my ability to coach anyone."

- Jennifer (Life Coach)

"I was not only able to meet my goals of working with multiple clients but I was also able to use the tools that Cheryl taught us in other areas of my life to create my best life. 

Cheryl’s holistic approach to business and life is something I really admire. I also love that Cheryl leads us by example and she helps us discover our unique thought leadership to create the best impact for our people."

- Jess (Life Coach / Birth Coach)

Cheryl Theory Testimonial

"Cheryl was hands down, the best coach I’ve ever worked with. If you’re looking for a coach who meets you where you’re at, over-delivers on what she promises and provides non-stop support through your entire experience, then Cheryl’s your girl."

- Michele (Life Coach)

"With her support, I was able to bring in my first ever paid client who engaged me over a three-month period. Her advocacy for basics, consistency and persistence in everything from content creation to sales calls/closing has also helped me to land further clients and I was able to recover the cost of my investment into Cheryl’s programme."

- Adrian (Career Coach)

Cheryl Theory Testimonial

"She helped me recognize my true purpose for my business and figure out how to run my business MY way. In addition, I also made about 8K USD during our time together.

Now that I am a PhD student I am so happy that I started my business and worked with Cheryl. I am confident that I can always create additional income for myself."

- Brittany (Web Designer)

"I’ve invested in other business coaching programs and courses before, but Cheryl’s program was so different! Before working with Cheryl, I was not signing ideal clients or charging high ticket for my program. My to-do list felt overwhelming. Business felt hard. 

Since working together I’ve signed 5 high ticket clients that I really enjoyed working with, made back 2x the program investment"

- Crystal (Nutrition Coach)

" would like to say the biggest win is having signed 5 high ticket clients and doubling my investment, but honestly, building the muscle and mindset to run a coaching business is a much bigger win than the immediate result."

- Betty (Coach for Creatives)

Side Hustle Lab Cheryl Lau

"Cheryl has helped me challenge my limiting beliefs and push me to make steps in my business that I would not have been able to do myself. Cheryl is persistent and pushes you because she really wants to see you achieve your goals! She’s set a clear pathway for success, and her program really works!

After just a few weeks of working together, and two weeks after launching, I was able to sign on my first 3 clients."

- Alyssa (Coach for Wildlife Photographers)

Brand and Content Lab Cheryl Lau

"Working with Cheryl gave me the skills and confidence to launch a business within 3 weeks. I was able to do market research, create my signature offer, and book 3 clients within one month. 

Her program makes showing up online and building an online business accessible to any one. She provided endless support and so many useful tools that helped me make quantum leaps towards my goals. If I had to figure this out on my own, it would have taken me so much longer and I would not have had the confidence to do it."

- Ariana (Mindset Coach)

"Before the Program, I had fewer than 5 DMs or inquiries. In just 4 months, I’ve had 10+. I also had my first $6k USD month. Working with Cheryl was great. I really gained a lot of confidence in the content I was putting out there."

- Dr. Kelly Phelan (Career Coach)