The core skills we worked on were developing the client's unique thought leadership to stand out in their space, building a uniquely differentiated brand, and ultimately signing 1:1 clients for their business (even on "part-time" hours)

Crystal (Side Hustler)

Created her first 5k month as a nutrition coach in the first month of working together

Mabel (Side Hustler)

Created her first 6-figure month (HKD) as a Chinese calligrapher

Betty (Side Hustler)

Made back 2x her investment of our program as a coach for creatives

Kelly (Side Hustler)

Created her first 6k month as a career coach

Esther (Full Time Entrepreneur)

Made back 2x her investment of our program as a business coach

Brittany (Side Hustler)

Created 8k throughout the duration of our program as a web designer

Adrian (Side Hustler)

Made back the full investment of our program as a career coach

Alyssa (Side Hustler)

Signed her first 9 clients in 3 months as a coach for wildlife photographers

Ayesha (Full Time Entrepreneur)

Created 6k in sales in one day as an imposter syndrome coach

Kristina (Side Hustler)

Signed her first high ticket clients ever as an English pronunciation coach

Clara (Side Hustler)

Recently left her career as a lawyer to become a digital nomad (Fitness coach)

Kim (Side Hustler)

Signed her first 11 high ticket clients ever as a financial coach

Note: The numbers are just the surface-level results

Even though our clients have been able to create fantastic monetary results in their business through out coaching and using our process... That's just the surface of it. For many, their transformations after the program go much deeper than what you might see on their social media.

Here are some other incredible results that many of our clients have created:

Less Comparisons & Imposter Syndrome

There's no shortage of coaches with similar skills or people who have already created more success selling the same thing you are. But by the end of our program, you'll have 10x belief in the value and impact of your work (and have the business results + client results to show)

More Time Spent for Personal Life

For 99.99% of our clients, they have other priorities outside of their business (or career). This includes family, relationships, social life, health, travel, rest, etc. Because we spend less time on the business, we are able to have more time for life

Calm, Confidence, & Sense of Identity

Feeling calmer, more confident, and more sure of their own voice or sense of self are the most common feedback I hear from clients. This is all I want for our clients - To be happy entrepreneurs who genuinely like themselves, their life, and their business.


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What Clients Have to Say

Ready to sign awesome clients for your business even as a side hustler?

Inside our coaching, we're going to create wildly successful businesses that feel like a passion project AND makes a ton of money and helps a ton of people. I believe we can all have a 6 figure business... Even as a side hustler :) Sounds good? Awesome. Let's get to work