Crystal (Side Hustler)

Created her first 5k month as a nutrition coach in the first month of working together

Mabel (Side Hustler)

Created her first 6-figure month (HKD) as a Chinese calligrapher

Betty (Side Hustler)

Made back 2x her investment of our program as a coach for creatives

Kelly (Side Hustler)

Created her first 6k month as a career coach

Esther (Full Time Entrepreneur)

Made back 2x her investment of our program as a business coach

Brittany (Side Hustler)

Created 8k throughout the duration of our program as a web designer

Adrian (Side Hustler)

Made back the full investment of our program as a career coach

Alyssa (Side Hustler)

Signed her first 9 clients in 3 months as a coach for wildlife photographers

Ayesha (Full Time Entrepreneur)

Created 6k in sales in one day as an imposter syndrome coach

Kristina (Side Hustler)

Signed her first high ticket clients ever as an English pronunciation coach

Clara (Side Hustler)

Recently left her career as a lawyer to become a digital nomad (Fitness coach)

Kim (Side Hustler)

Signed her first 16 high ticket clients ever as a financial coach

The numbers are just the surface-level results

Even though our clients have been able to create fantastic monetary results in their business through out coaching and using our process... That's just the surface of it. For many, their transformations after the program go much deeper than what you might see on their social media. 

Less Comparisons & Imposter Syndrome

There's no shortage of coaches with similar skills or people who have already created more success selling the same thing you are. But by the end of our program, you'll have 10x belief in the value and impact of your work (and have the business results + client results to show)

A Passion Project That Makes Money

For many of us, we've always dreamt of starting a certain passion project, venture, or hobby when we're younger. But many of us also put that dream on the back burner as life and career pressures started piling up. Well, NOT ANYMORE. We're reigniting those dreams via your business... AND get paid for it :)

Having Tools That You Can Use For Life

Whether it's the tool of self-coaching or learning to be more attuned to your energy so you can continue to show up for the different priorities and commitments you have going on, everything we do inside our programs is transferrable to other parts of your life or career.

Five Figure Soft Launches on Just 0-2 Hours a Day (And Doing it on Top of a Full-Time Job) 

Inside our coaching, we're going to grow your business while being able to make time for the other parts of your life that matter most to you. I believe we can all have a 6 figure business... Even as a side hustler :) Sounds good? Awesome. Let's get to work

Cheryl Theory