How to be Prolific and Consistent (On just 0-2 hours a day)


Just to be clear: This is a free class

Hi, I'm Cheryl. And I get a LOT of things done.

The most common question I get is "Cheryl, how do you do it all? How do you balance it all and still get everything done?" In fact, my most downloaded podcast episode in 2023 was Episode 108: How to Structure Your Week as a Side Hustler

Needless to say, my peeps are high achievers who want to do it all - They want to attract cool opportunities (ex: Paying clients, speaking gigs, etc) AND still be able to make time for the non-work parts of their life that matter to them.

I've made this happen by becoming prolific and consistent in building a body of work and becoming known for my unique thought leadership.


Here's how I define the following:

  • Prolific = Rather than focusing on the quantity of content, I care more about staying top of mind because of the quality and substance of your output (i.e. The depth, caliber, and value that you're embedding in your body of work)
  • Consistent = This refers to whether your audience can rely on you to show up week after week

This is precisely what I want to help you with inside this free and comprehensive masterclass.

What We Will Discuss

How I create weekly social media content AND podcast content on 0-2 hours a day

From my weekly routines to the tools I use to how I leverage pockets of time, I'll share everything inside my brain. I'll also explain how I create content - from conceptualizing an idea to publishing the post - in a step-by-step framework that you can easily borrow and apply.

How I've built community and created opportunities by being prolific and consistent

The truth is: Building thought leadership and becoming known for something is a non-negotiable in 2024.

Because whatever your 1-3 year dreams are, becoming prolific and consistent at building your body of work is the first step.

Cheryl Theory

A PDF with A's to your Q's

During the 2x live masterclasses we ran, we collected several questions from the participants.

When you sign up, you'll get 1) A replay of our masterclass 2) A PDF where I expand on the questions that were asked