The Cheryl Theory Webinar

This is going to be actionable, value-packed, and super fun. Whether you're an established entrepreneur, a new one, or maybe you have zero intention of starting a business - You are welcome to join! We'll be going over the Cheryl Theory Framework and how you can apply this to your life and business.


What's Inside the Webinar

The Cheryl Theory Framework

We'll first do a deep dive into the Cheryl Theory, which is the idea that you CAN create a successful coaching business AND still excel in your career AND make time for what matters the most by doing the bare minimum in your business... But doing it really really well.

Applying this Framework

We'll then talk about the specific action steps, tools, and mindset shifts you might want to consider for your own life & business. This is a reflection of I've been able to grow the business to 6 figures, and I'm confident that there's something within this Framework that can help you as well.

Cheryl Theory

Summary of a Previous Q&A

Finally, you'll get a PDF of the amazing questions that were asked during the LIVE version of the webinar.

The Q&A was just too good not to share... So we've attached a written summary of it inside :)